Would you like to get some free publicity for yourself and your site? If yes then I would like to invite you to write a guest article for this blog.

Here is a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your writing skills, your expertise and technical “KNOW HOW” as well as your technical insights and reach a unique and highly passionate group of bloggers and readers that choose to read “All About Websites” blog.

Why accept the invitation and write an article as a guest blogger?

There are several benefits to writing an article for this site. Here are just a few of the reasons that you should consider becoming a guest blogger:
  • Improves SEO – You can link back to articles on your site from within the content of the guest article which will help your pages rank better.
  • Spreads the word – Writing a guest post is a fantastic way to reach a new audience of readers. Your article will be received by all my subscribers and will be seen by thousands of monthly visitors.
  • Directs More Traffic – Those that read and like your article will likely visit your site to learn more about what else you write. This is an opportunity to get a boost in traffic.
  • Strengthens your brand – A quality guest post can strengthen your brand as an expert in your field. A strong brand is essential to long-term blogging success.
  • Social Media Exposure – each published blog post also gets automatically submitted to my Twitter, Facebook and about 30 other social sites providing you more exposure.
  • Long Term Benefits – by using advanced blog optimization strategies your posts will be shows as RELATED posts and give you additional traffic long after it was published.
Guest Blogging Guidelines

Guest blog post submission process is extremely simple and as long as you follow these guidelines, publishing is almost guaranteed:
  • Relevant Content – The article content has to fit with the topics presented in my site and be a value to my readers. Simply look at the list of categories on sidebar to decide what content should be submitted or it can be related to:
  • Blogging
  • Bloggers
  • Design
  • Social Networking / Bookmarking Tips
  • Tools or Gadgets for Blogging
  • Tips and tricks on writing
  • How to write posts effectively
  • Topics and niches
  • Blog Promotion
  • SEO
  • Unique and Exclusive Content – article has to be uniquely written for this blog and not published elsewhere and can’t be published anywhere else after approval.
  • Up to 3 Links Per Article – you have 3 links with SEO’d anchor tags from your article and it could be from the body of article and Author Byline. You choose where to place the link, as long as you confirm to the rule.
  • Common Sense Rule – if your article fits the conversation topic of this blog, it will be approved. I moderate every post and comment and will not tolerate spam in any shape or form but welcome good contribution!
  • Author Byline – can include you image, real name  or your “nickname”. I recommend that at least one of the links from your byline should lead to a page where readers can learn more about you.
  • Beautify The Articles –  I’ll add appropriate images, but if you have something it would be appreciated. Please be sure to include copyright information or appropriate credit.
  • I reserve the right to edit or reject any articles I feel are inappropriate in anyway.
You can send your entries to my email id [ nisheeth.exe@gmail.com ] and after a quick review I will send you an email notification with its status as well as any status changes, such as published or rejected via email provided.


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