Regardless of what everyone says on how easy blogging is, it actually is hard work.  Working in front of the computer, regardless of whether you are in the comfort of your own home, still requires a lot of creative effort to come up with a winning content.  Not to mention the other things you may need to do to jumpstart it, such as promotion, web design, and even social media among many others.

Even the most expert of bloggers have encountered mistakes while they were still starting or even now that they are established.  Many bloggers simply learn along the lines of their journey, mostly by trial and error.  Thus, to find a list of common blunders to avoid when starting or maintaining a blog can bring such relief.

Most of these mistakes pretty much require just good common sense in order to avoid.  You can start off with coming up with an easy to navigate blog design and written in a readable font.  Do not make your audience feel that you write only for money.  Instead, make them feel that you care about writing about stuff that will help them grow or provide solutions to their own everyday struggles. 

Blogging has to do a lot with empathy.  Take the time to look at the overall blog you have created or a certain content post.  Put yourself in the shoes of your reader and ask yourself if you will get to appreciate the blog as much as they would, trying to take it from their perspective of course.

Check out more valuable information regarding blogger mistakes of newbies by browsing the infographic below.

Author Name: Sarah Smith Bio: Sarah works as a graphic designer and blogger who, inasmuch as she loves what she does for a living, looks forward to the moments when she gets up from her desk and goes out to meet people face to face.
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