The year of 2013 has passed with an interesting note especially if you look it in terms of SEO. The similar would be the story this year (2014) as well. You can find trends like organic traffic going down, the rise of paid traffic, changes in search result trend etc. this ongoing year.  A study conducted by certain E-commerce companies last September has shown a rise in the paid search traffic with the decline of organic traffic. However, the experts still vouch for SEO as one of the main sources of getting traffic. In order to rule this year, it is important to address these issues and the challenges coming in 2014. The current year has certain SEO challenges, which have to be checked first in order to embark with a tangible strategy for search engine optimization. Let’s check these as under: 

The strategy and tactics strategies
The future of search engine optimization would simply depend upon the go to market strategy and not like any tactical approaches. The SEO professionals would worry a little about keywords for every single web page or the title tags’ structure and would have to focus more on the depth and meaning of the message intended to portray before the target audience. Hence generally speaking you will find less on-site SEO and more relationship, which have to be built in order to get the right place over the search results. Reaching out to a number of businesses, which can supplement yours would really going to help you in getting the links for your site and even help you a lot in driving the traffic provided you carry out the strategies in a right way.
Transparency and trustworthiness  
Earlier the idea of SEO was to rely over some smart SEO experts who simply put their efforts to put you on the top of the search engine results. However, with passing time the queries posed on the search engines are coming in a more refined manner. They now understand the quality website and content. Hence you would find the businesses focusing more on strategies that can help in building up their authority before their target crowd or market. The best example can be given of the well researched articles released by Google, which showcases search result listing that encompass only high quality content for their users. This will really help them to learn more on the search objects.  Hence focusing more on the quality content can really help you in surviving in the current times, which can be only kept intact when you are backed by authoritative sources. So both the transparency and trustworthiness can be a big challenge this ongoing year.
The drive design challenge
In the year 2014, you can certainly expect more and more business groups to focus over the creative methods in order to convey the right meaning via web designs by developing extremely engaging experiences simultaneously. It is really difficult to have a right balance between good design techniques and SEO practices. One of the best ways the web designs are able to carry more amount of content that appear too cluttered is to introduce expandable sections and tabs. The best part of this strategy is that these changes would certainly not hamper your SEO efforts. In this way, you need to create more such ways in web design perse to give the best results. This will be one of the challenges for SEO in this current year.
Final word
SEO is always an evolving field. In order to rule this world, you need to understand the changing world and the challenges ahead. The above are some of the SEO challenges, which you will be facing in 2014. All you need to do is to overcome them to find a rewarding outcome in search business. 

Kelly Marsh is a freelance journalist who has been writing about mobile technology, customer relationship management and women’s health for more than a decade. These days she is busy to contributes on getamplify.


  1. I totally agree with you about your mentioned challenges here. I also agree that it is more difficult to have a right balance between good design techniques and SEO practices.


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