If you would want to convert your word documents, power point presentations, excel Spreadsheets or even pictures into adobe PDF document then first thing you think about is to install a software in your desktop or laptop to accomplish the task.

However, there is a easier solution as well to achieve the same by just sending an email.

KoolWire is a new and wonderful email based file conversion service to help you convert your Microsoft Word (.doc), Powerpoint (.ppt), Excel Spreadsheets (.xls) and pictures into Adobe PDF documents. 

All you need to do is compose an email, attach your documents which you want to convert in the mail and send it to the following email address:
  • pdf@koolwire.com

Immediately you will receive an email form the Koolwire.com with the converted files attached.

Following are some of the great features of Koolwire.com:

-No Need to install any software.
-You dont need to upload your files to any webserver.
-You can attach multiple documents in one mail and get the files converted in one Go.

So, try now and feel the difference!!


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