If you are a blogger or a webmaster or a social person who loves to share favorite links often in different social nertworking sites then you must be aware of the benefits of short URLs. You might have also used many web applications or services to easily make a tiny URL or link but most of these webservices dont offer you to create a single tiny URL for multiple links.

Now If you want to group several urls into one shortened link then ki.tl will make your work lot more easier.

ki.tl is a handy online web service which offers you batch-shortening of multiple URLs into one tinly link. Its easy interface lets you enter multiple related urls and create Onle shortened Link for all the entered urls.

Not only are you provided with a single short URL that links to all your added URLs, but you also get an alternative versions of the tiny URLs to choose from and sharing buttons to directly share the shortened URL on social networks.

When people visit this shortened URL, they can easily see how many webpages or links are attached to this link and shift between these pages using a toolbar which will be opened at the top of their browsers.

The site also provides you with individual shortened URLs for each webpage or link you added,in case you require individual shortenend URL.

Check out KiTl URL Shortener @ http://ki.tl


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